The success of any business depends on how strong of a marketer you are.

 ABOUT American Bride

American Bride is one the best Wedding Marketers in the Country.
Year after year, show after show we succeed, our customers succeed and our
brides find what they are looking for to plan a dream wedding.

You bring the product, we bring the brides.
Each year over 10,000 brides attend our bridal shows and over 100,000 shop online at

 At an American Bridal Show you can meet and talk to the brides and find out what what she is looking for.  American Bridal Shows are the best way for the bride to do quality research for your wedding.  She can search online and find hundreds of links and websites without knowing her true interest, but the real research starts when she attend bridal shows.

Recently engaged or been planning your wedding for some time? She can meet different wedding professionals at each show, sample different reception sites and get to know the wedding professionals in New Jersey before you book appointments. 

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Advertising Programs

15,160 Brides Attended American Bridal Shows in 2005 currently produces close to 100 bridal shows in New Jersey.
22,000 guests attend the shows with the brides

Last Year 9231 Brides registered online for the American Bride Wedding Planning Service

Read why the American Bridal Show Event Company offers the very
best Wedding Marketing Programs for Wedding business in today's
growing wedding market.

Bridal Show Exhibiting Opportunities

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Guaranteed Advertising

If you are not linked on give us a try today, we offer guaranteed leads or your money back.

With over a $200,000 a year advertising budget to promote our site, feels pretty confident that we can bring you results. offers the very newest and qualified lead generation program,

Ways we advertise.
      American Bridal Shows
           The Knot (wedding pages)
           New Jersey Bride
           New Jersey Wedding
           Contemporary Bride
      Newspaper Advertising   
           Star Ledger
           Courier News
           Bergen Record
           Asbury Park Press
           Daily Record
           Trenton Times/Trentonian
           Bernardsville News Group
           Greater Media
           and more.

      Direct Mail To Thousand of Brides
      Emails to Thousand of brides by Monthly Newsletter

      Radio  101.5

      Some of the Reception Sites We Work With
            Primavera Regency
- the Madison Hotel
            Basking Ridge Country Club
            Berkeley Plaza
            Olde Mill Inn - Sheraton Parsippany - Hilton Parsippany
            Channel Club
            Vanity Fare
            Flanders Valley
            The Stateroom
            Hiltons  -  Marriott
            The Primavera
            Birchwood Manor
            Sheraton Parsippany
            Arts Center
            Water's Edge - Magnolia Inn
            Westin Hotel
            Pleasantdale Chateau
            Wilshire Grand Hotel
            Bonnet Island Estate
            Richfield Regency
            Pines Manor
            Meadow Wood Manor
            Forsgate Country Club
            and more....

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  • Advertising on is an effective way to reach thousands of brides in New Jersey.

    About web traffic

    On average each month americanbride receives:

    400,000 hits per month

    Consisting of over 95% Visits from New Jersey Brides.

    Of our advertisers web stats that we have access to, by far leads in the # of clicks verses any other local or national wedding website.

     Advertising consists of two parts

     First Part 
    A link and banner on category page of your type of wedding business.
    The cost of the banner and link: $50 per month.

    Second Part
    Real time leads - brides request information on specific goods or services and the brides information via e-mail goes directly to the businesses that provide that service.

    The cost to receive these leads which contain:
    Name, address, phone, e-mail, wedding date and budget information is $50 per month.

    Brides inquiring vary from business type to business type and are generally between 100 and 200.

    Bonus  Complimentary Service is the only wedding website that interacts with the bride as she visits the website with Real Person Help.  A bride can at anytime when she is on start a conversation with one of our Wedding Operators and initiate a conversation about any wedding business on our website.  We can then in Real Time answer her questions and push a webpage to her browser.  This type of service and others have made the leading wedding website with technology and service like Fortune 500 companies offer.

    Wedding Classified Advertising Pricing for up to 4 lines of copy
    Package A - 3 months (90 days of wedding classified ads without a link to your website) $1 per day
    Total amount $90

    Package B - 3 months (90 days of wedding classified ads with a link to your website) $1.50 per day
    Total amount $135
  • Wedding Classified Advertising Pricing for up to 4 lines of copy plus logo
    Package C - 3 months (90 days of wedding classified ads with a link to your website plus your logo)
    $2.00 per day - Total amount $180
  • Contact us at 908-371-0900


The Place To Meet New Jersey Wedding Professionals
Bridal Shows, the Place to Meet New Jersey Wedding Professionals

Top Ten Reasons To Advertise With


1. Because the internet is open 24/7.
Your advertisement on is online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

American Bride knows exactly how a bride plans her wedding and how to get you results for your advertising dollar. We plan our entire business around making it fun and easy for the bride to plan her wedding and to get you results.

Over the last 15 years over 100,000 brides have attended our bridal shows and over 1,000,000 brides have visited our website just in New Jersey. Something that no other Wedding media in New Jersey can say.


2. Everyday brides are getting engaged, traditional advertising doesn't work any longer. You use to have to advertise to find the brides, now they are searching for you.

The old school of marketing was called interrupted marketing.  You use to have to try to find the bride and try to get your message out to her when she wasn't ready.  Internet Marketing is called permission based marketing.  The bride searches online to find you, so make sure you are there when she is searching.

You could advertise in the newspaper but that ad is around for 1 day. You could advertise on the radio but once the commercial is over that's it.  You could advertise in a state wide magazine, but brides aren't buying them like they use to, they are online and that's where you need to be.


3. Just in New Jersey, Local & Get You Results
Unlike other online bridal guides trying to present every bridal professional in the country, we break new jersey into parts...we're local, covering the state town by town, county by county.


4. Competition
A couple planning their wedding wants to know who's who in her town or county and wants several choices to compare.  We offer several choices to her for each category, but not overcrowding to confuse the bride.


5. Because the Internet keeps growing all the time.
How did we ever get by without it? The question is how did we ever advertise our business and how did brides find us without it.


6. Because your target market uses the internet
    the most and knows about!
Young females (20's & 30's) use the internet the most.  Each year receives over 200,000 unique visits just in New Jersey alone.


7. Because most couples planning are busy trying to pay for the wedding.
Most couples planning a wedding work 5 days a week and some on weekends.  That leaves 1 or 2 days, an evening or two for wedding shopping and to go on appointments. gives the couple instant access to the info they need to plan their wedding.


8. Because brides use email.
With the largest database of newly engaged brides in New Jersey, we do an effective email marketing campaign promoting the different wedding services available to her.
9. Because anyone getting engaged who has internet access will be on the internet before she is engaged and stays on the internet until the day of her wedding!

         First you fall in love

         Second your boyfriend asks you to marry him

         Third you tell all your friends and relatives. 

         Fourth, you start attending bridal shows.  
 log on to the internet because you can't sleep, you're worrying about how to plan your dream wedding. You want to start planning your wedding & getting ideas, RIGHT NOW!

         Sixth, get recommendations.

        Seventh...attend bridal shows.

         Eight...go on appointments.
 the internet.


10. Because our advertising is affordable and effective.

These days its getting harder and more expensive to advertise on the internet.  It's impossible to get listed on Google and Yahoo for free.

Advertise on National Wedding Websites don't work as well as they use to and they are charging way to much. They think they are like the old ineffective print media and have all the costs of the actual printing and production materials.  The truth is the costs are a fraction of what it is to maintain a popular website as to produce print. 

They have no right to charge you $200, $300 or $400 per month a year to advertise, and the results you get are not even worth $1,000 per year.

When you sign up with us, what you pay goes towards advertising your site - through promoting our site at American Bridal Shows, keyword advertising, email blasts and some print media we get your website noticed.
 is the #1 rated rating referral click for most of the wedding businesses in New Jersey.
 is the #1 Keyword purchaser of New Jersey Wedding Keywords on Google.

         American Bridal Shows attract over 25,000 guests each year at our events that are involved in the wedding planning process.
 is the highest ranking search on Google for wedding related products and services in New Jersey.


Bonus. Because it's easy to remember

For a Free Personal Consultation
Please Call 908-371-0900 for a FREE No Obligation
Advertising Consultation.