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Rich, Lisa & Tim Drozd

Pennsylvania Bridal Shows
I wanted to give a big 'ol shout out to Rich, Lisa, and Tim for the great job they did putting together another winning show yesterday at Ag Hall. You not only brought a lot of engaged couples and their families to the show, you brought couples who were willing to commit on the spot! The day was a personal win for me. I'm sure others had great success, too. I also want to thank you again for the way you treat your vendors. You are always friendly and greet us with a smile. And, you are the ONLY big show that has ever offered your vendors a table with sandwiches, chips, cookies, water, etc. I have been a repeat customer in several other large shows in the past, and I swear they didn't even know my name. Thanks for all you do.

January 2020

John Wirick Photography

Pennsylvania Bridal Shows
Ditto to what John said. I totally agree. It is awesome that Rich, Lisa & Tim are so personable and make sure to talk with each vendor. Their shows never disappoint.

January 2020

Dice Productionz
 Allyson Wilkin-Sisson

New York Wedding Expo

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for yesterday! I loved being a part of the show and you were so helpful and wonderful through the entire process! I got 70 leads and am so excited to follow up with people—really great show!! Thank you so much!-Sydney

January 2020

Sydney Angel Photography

New York Wedding Expo

Amazing show…just want to say thanks! 
You must be going nuts with all the shows you are producing…but you are doing a great job! We love working with you too! 

Lisa: We are working hard but more focused than nuts, hopefully. We are concentrating on quality over quantity to deliver more brides in fewer shows to our customers.

And that’s exactly the feedback I got from the local team. They had such good things to say about the high-energy feel of the show and good quality vendors.

It was the best show they have done in Manhattan!

Maureen Jacobs Special Occasion Event Coordinator Men’s Wearhouse – Jos A Bank

NJ Convention Center Expo

Hi Lisa, We had such a great time! It was a wonderful event and put together so nicely. Thank you for all your help and coordination. We really appreciate it!

Emilie Smith - The Brick House

Stabler Arena

Thanks for the lead list, I wasn't expecting it this soon - just forgot to ask before the show if we were getting one. You have done an amazing, amazing job with this show. I wouldn't know what you can do to improve it. You have helped revive what a good show is all about! Everyone I know is raving about last night! We can't talk today due to the high volume of people who came. 1. For being so organized and efficient last night;
2. For the offer to move my table to a place where I seemed to know a lot of people - but my location was fabulous and best part, the table across from me worked out for the best - the woman helping out the travel agent was a friend of my little sister and I used to babysit her - I haven't seen her in 25 years! 3. For the concern of the vendors - for the food and water - for the comfort level - everything!!! 4. The layout was superb! I love the amount of space the brides/grooms/entourage had to walk and be able to see the vendors. 5. For 'bugging' me to do the show - you won't have to next year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Liz The Paperbag

New Jersey

Lisa and Tim, I want to thank you both for hosting a successful event. I have been to several shows, but rarely do they bring such a large attendance. In addition, you were both very helpful (and friendly) in assisting with the DJ. Lastly, Lisa, your sense to put the dancing on first was right on! Kind regards, 

Lisa Skates Simply Social Dancing

PNC Bridal Show

Greetings and Thank you, Lisa! Bravo to you for running such a large scale show! Thank you! Lisa, I think our success was being right next to our table. We could tell that was a major help -- much better than when we are away from our table. You stumbled on something with that Lisa -- having the classicial musicians perform right by their table. We liked that better than greeting the Guests by the door. (There's always so much activity by the registration area.) Merrimaker's Catering, next to us, said they enjoyed the music. We were wondering if they'd be bothered by it. But they said "no, not at all." So that is good to know that the music did not seem to bother the neighboring Vendors in the room. We saw the Guests listening. Then they walked over to Hubby Ken, while we were playing. Thank you so very much, Lisa! Sincerely, 

Michele, Bridal Music by Flora Duo

PNC Bridal Show

Hi Tim! Thank you so much for the lead sheet! I have to say, we had an incredible experience last night and were so impressed with how American Bridal runs a show. Thank you for all your help and we are so excited for our next show with you guys! Do you know when you will be back at Branches and PNC next?

Kim Motyka Isagenix Health Coach

NJ's Best DJ's

We have personally been involved with every major bridal show company in the central Jersey area, some are really good, some not so good. For Wedding professionals you want consistency. A solid turnout, different brides at every showcase, not just the same future bride’s week in and week out. For brides-to-be you want a variety of wedding professionals. Two or three of every service, not six photographers or five DJs. Just enough of each service to help you start narrowing things down. Our experience with American Bridal Showcases is that they provide the best quality shows around. Solid attendance at all shows, variety of brides on a regular basis and usually not over three of the same service at an event. It has been a win win situation for future newlyweds and wedding professionals for a very long time. Best of luck! All our best, 

NJs Best DJs Staff www.njsbestdjs.com

Fairleigh University

Lisa, thank you so much for a wonderful evening last night at FDU's bridal show. It was a wonderfully run event, the venue was lovely, and the brides and vendors were a delight. The business prospects appear promising, and I'm so glad we decided to represent SophistiCakes, LLC there. I look forward to seeing you at future bridal shows! 

Nancy Lagomarsino Owner/Cake Designer, SophistiCakes, LLC

Berkeley OceanFront Hotel

Hi Lisa, I apologize about being remise in the follow-up of the show. You are AMAZING! Thank you for all of your help in putting on what I thought was a great show. What did you think. We should brainstorm for next year while everything is fresh! Thank you! 

Stefani K Hanson Catering Sales Manager The Berkeley Hotel Asbury Park, NJ 07712


Outstanding Show!!! Lisa I loved the Monmouth University show... Keep up the great work... see you at the next one.. 

Ozzy & The versatile team.

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Hi Lisa, Very well run show today at the Berkeley Hotel. Donna from Cara homes and myself felt it was very beneficial for us to attend. We were able to speak to a good majority of persons that attended. Thank You 

Bob Robert Obsuth Mortgage Consultant Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Allentown Fairgrounds

Hi Rich and Staff! We were thrilled to participate in your Ag Hall Event and the crowd was amazing! The Sue Ames Bridal Outlet had their BEST SHOW EVER w/ the attendance in this Bridal Show. Thank you so much for the hard work and efforts put into this program. Bridals by Sandra, our main store, has been participating in Bridal Events since 1965. We realize the amount of work that goes into these programs as we've done them ourselves back in the early 70's to promote our brand. Extending our sincere Congratulations on a job well done! Looking forward to the upcoming March event! 

Susan Yeakel Powell, President Bridals by Sandra, Inc. & Sue Ames Bridal Outlet

Stabler Arena

Rich/Tim, I wanted to thank you for a great show on Thursday. This is only the 2nd show I’ve exhibited at but it was a much better experience than the one we did at the PA convention center in June with another show company. You were all very courteous and informative of what was going on and I appreciated that. At some point we would like to have a show at our venue with our preferred vendors and I was wondering if you could tell me if that is something you would host and if so what the cost would be. Thanks again for a great show and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Regards, Donna Laudadio The Barn at Walnut Grove

Allentown Fairgrounds

Hi Lisa & Rich, Oh my Ghosh what a great show, great seeing you and thank you for including me.  Happy New Year looking forward to your March show 

Christine Prantow
Director of Catering
Aster Event Center

Visit Bucks County

Hi Lisa, I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to thank you for two incredible past weeks of shows. We were overly thrilled to bring American Bridal Shows to Bucks County. There is definitely a need for a large wedding show in Bucks County being that weddings are a huge market for the county as a whole with an abundance of wedding venues and vendors. We also had terrific feedback from the dozen or so partners we had attend! We hope you felt this event was a great start and wish to continue hosting tradeshows in beautiful Bucks County! As always, we remain at your service to assist in helping to find host venues/locations, market to exhibitors and wedding couples, etc. Thank you, Jenna

Jenna Giuliani, Business Development & Events Manager

Allentown Fairgrounds

Where do I begin? Success! We had a fantastic time at the Lehigh Valley's American Bridal Shows Expo today! I want to thank the Drozd family for creating a flawless venue experience. Also, I can’t thank my staff enough for all of their hard work and dedication helping to create our exciting dessert display! In addition, a special thank you to my husband for lending a much needed helping hand. We enjoyed meeting many of the vendors who also worked tirelessly to create their wonderful displays. And finally, it was a pleasure meeting all of the excited brides and grooms along with their families and friends! We will announce the winner of the cookie tray tomorrow morning… www.teenastreats.com

Summary recap of creating an expo...It takes time to first plan your layout, then to make sure you have all the necessary materials needed to create everything, and then to execute your plan, and create your desserts, transport everything, and set up, and then spend the day with the excited brides with their friends and family, as well as the tear down, and clean up! We can't thank Lehigh Valley's American Bridal Shows for creating a venue which was easy to work with: Plenty of parking, Easy access, Organized space, A good amount of time to set up, Staff to answer questions, Tables needed, and a Breakfast/lunch for the vendors (which was enjoyable and allowed us to focus solely on our display). www.teenastreats.com


Allentown Fairgrounds

 Good Morning!! Yesterday was a wonderful day for my family. We participated in our first Bridal Show. We met many brides, grooms and their families and seeing their faces when they tasted our cake was incredible. I want to thank everyone who made this event possible for us to show the Lehigh Valley that we are here!!! Thank you Granny Schmidt"s for telling me that I had to put my face out there because everyone needed to see my work. Thank you Lehigh valley brides , Lehigh valley weddings , Lehigh valley’s American bridal show events , Allentown fairgrounds agriplex. I have to thank Efraín Decorates who without thinking told me I decorated you and exceeded my expectations. I wanted something simple but the cakes would shine. Thank you to all the vendors we met, we hope to work together. My family, thanks for all the hard work we as a team put in.

Cravings by Dorcaris